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Sweet Potato Souffle: Thanksgiving Countdown #5

November 14, 2011


I adore sweet potatoes.  I love them roasted, candied, whipped, and just plain old baked.  And they are so amazingly good for you!  Chuck full of vitamin A and fiber.  I personally think no Thanksgiving table is complete without them. So I love to find new ways to prepare this delicious veggie. This recipe is […]

Caponata, Italian Eggplant Appetizer

September 26, 2011


My friend Jeff, who is a gardening superhero, brought me some lovely Japanese eggplant.  I love Japanese eggplant.  You can use it as-is,instead of “sweating” like regular eggplant.  I had been hoping for some eggplant to drop in my lap so I could try out this delicious Sicilian appetizer we had while in Italy. You […]

Okonomiyaki, or “Osaka Pancakes”

September 25, 2011


My husband used to make these for us a while back but we forgot about them for a while.  Do you ever do that?  Forget completely about recipes or food you used to eat?  Well, thankfully, my husband remembered these and he made these for dinner tonight.  He lived in Japan for two years while […]

Focaccia II, the sequel

September 17, 2011


I have been making focaccia for several years.  I take a loaf out of the oven, and it is gone by the end of the day.  Often in an hour or less.  I make this version of Focaccia all the time, and I stand by it, but I recently came across a more authentic technique […]

Tomato Artichoke Soup

September 7, 2011


Let me tell you: this soup is TO DIE FOR!!!!  It is so delicious and simple to prepare.  The acidity of the tomatoes, the tang of the artichokes…..I just love it! This recipe is inspired from one in my “Savor the Memories” cookbook, written by the owner and chef of Cucina’s deli in Salt Lake.  […]

Italian Polenta

September 7, 2011


What is Polenta?  It is rough ground cornmeal.  There are many ways to use polenta.  I can be cooked to a mashed potato like consistency and is a wonderful accompniment to any kind of Italian romato sauce.   I head on a cooking show once that is is common in Italian families to pour the […]

Naan: Indian Flat Bread

September 3, 2011


Soft, chewy, flavorful. Perfect for sopping up curries and other flavorful sauces. Not something to whip up if you need to eat in 30 minutes. But so worth it if you have the time. This is an unusual bread for many reasons.  First, is rises very slowly over a long period of time.  Second, you […]

Indian Cabbage with peppers and peas

September 3, 2011


This is a slight variation of a recipe I found in the very fun cookbook American Masala.  This delightful cookbook has many traditional Indian recipes plus fusion recipes that combine Indian with other traditions. Finding this recipe corresponded with my neighbor growing gargantuan heads of cabbage and needing somewhere for these mutant heads to to […]

Caprese Bruschetta

September 2, 2011


Bruschetta is one of those things whose name and function have been a little skewed in the US.  In Italy, bruschetta is any toasted bread topped with any topping.  In the US, you can find “bruschetta” at Costco and the like, and is usually a tomato-basil mixture or olive/caper concoction.  So it is realted, but […]

Whole Wheat Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

August 30, 2011


I got this recipe from my dear friend Blondie, and since then, we make this several times a month.  The only thing that prevents us from making these is a lack of over-ripe bananas on hand.  Sometimes we eat through the whole bunch before they are ripe enough!  Blondie also gave me another great idea: […]