My name is Jessica.  I love many things.  Cooking is one of them.

I think there is nothing better that cooking a delicious meal, setting a beautiful table, and enjoying one another’s company.

Christmas Table

Family dinners, unfortunately for many, are a dwindling tradition.  Family dinner is about more than food.  It is about connecting with those your care about.

Catering my Mom's Wedding

What replaces family dinner?  Fast food.  Television.  Maybe even blogging.

Baby needs to eat a good dinner before Trick or Treating!

But is that the way it really should be?  Relationships and healthy eating suffers.

Cooking for my family is a lot of work.  Some nights I mix up pancakes, or pull out leftovers.  Sometimes I even order pizza.  But that is rare.  Most nights I cook dinner.  Some nights dinner is at five different times because my teenagers are in and out, busy with their various activities. Fortunately, we are still able to eat together many evenings.  Even luckier, most mornings we eat together too.

And even though cleaning the kitchen gets annoying and some nights I am void of good dinner ideas, I keep coming back to my kitchen because I hope that all of this trouble is worth it in the end.

We are what we eat.  True?  If so, then I am oatmeal.

Keep it real.

Garden produce put up for later

Keep it homemade.

Experiment.  Learn through food.

And hire someone to do your dishes.

Yeah, I wish!

PS-I love to travel too.  If this is a topic that interests you, check out my travel blog, Damommachef Travels.

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