Cheesy Moon Bread: Thanksgiving Countdown Recipe #1

Posted on November 7, 2011


Here it is, folks!  The famous Holiday Bread!  This is the most awesome bread ever!  It tastes a bit like a pizza and is fantastic for leftover turkey sandwiches.  If there’s anything left over, that is. Tradition requires that you mess it up a bit, but even so, it always turns out great.  The dough mix can be a bit tricky to locate, so keep and eye out for it.  This recipe makes 3 large discs of bread, or two large sheet cake pans of rolls.  One of these days I will experiment just using my classic bread recipe instead of the Hot Roll Mix.  But for now, here is the recipe in its original form.

Cheesy Moon Bread

3 cups warm water

4 pkgs. of Pillsbury Hot Roll Mix

4 eggs

4 T melted butter

6 tsp. Garlic powder

8-12 tsp dried basil

4-8 tsp oregano

2 tsp paprika

2 c. parmesan

2 c. sliced black olives

grated sharp cheddar cheese (1-2 c. depending on how important cheesy goodness is to you)

Dissolve yeast packets that come with the mix in the water.  Add the eggs and melted butter (cooled).  Then stir in the mix, spices, and parmesan.  If you’re using a mixer and dough hook, work it a bit at this point.  Slowly incorporate olives and shredded cheddar.  How much cheddar is up to you—about several handfuls!  Put in a very large bowl and spread a bit of oil over the top—cover bowl with saran wrap.  Let rise until double.  Punch down, then shape into three large hubcaps on three separate cookie sheets.  Alternately, you can make into rolls.  Let rise again.  Brush gently with beaten egg yolk and cook in a 350 degree oven until done, 40-60 minutes for the hubcaps, and about 30 min for rolls.

Eat.  Repeat.

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