Breakfast Pastina

Posted on September 13, 2011


I got this recipe from one of the cooking blogs I follow, Rachel & Maya.  All I have done is change the proportions so it was enough to feed my family.  This is an unusual recipe, but I am always looking for new breakfast ideas.  The pasta cost $1.67.  Not bad!

1 box pastina (tiny tiny pasta)–where I live it is called “Acini de Pepe”

6 eggs, beaten

2 T butter

Salt to taste

Grated parmesan or romano  OR sugar and milk

Bring the pasta to a boil in a half pot of salted water.  Semi-drain the pasta so that there is still some standing liquid, but it is not drowning in water.

Stir the eggs into the hot pasta….they will cook and it gets so deliciously creamy. Then melt in the butter.

Season with salt as needed and take the pot to the table to serve it up!

Half my family had grated parmesan and the other half had it with sugar and milk.  Both ways were very delicious!

Thanks Rachel and Maya, for a great breakfast recipe.  It is fast, easy, filling, and delicious.  My college boy asked for the recipe… that is a really good sign!

Visit their blog (link in the first paragraph) for perfect pictures!