Rocky Road

Posted on August 30, 2011


I make this every year for my Dad for Christmas.  He loves Almonds with chocolate and I guess the marshmallows just add to this obsession!  It also seems to travel well, since I generally have to send it to California.  I also sent a box of it to my nephew in Afghanistan.  Hope it stand up to that kind of travel!!!

Well, for starters, you need to start with good chocolate.  The chocolate MAKES the candy, obviously.  So no Hershey’s, ok?

Here is what I have found that works the best:

I get this imported Belgium chocolate from Trader Joe’s.  I just have to stock up when I am in California.  It lasts quite well in my storage room.  You can also use chocolate from candy shops.  So, this is what you need:


1 lb. (approximate) of  dark (about 60 or 70%) chocolate

1 lb. (approximate) of milk chocolate

1 large package of Jet Puff mini marshmallows (don’t skimp)

2 cups roughly chopped dry roasted, salted almonds (I used the Costco brand)


I think using the salted almonds really makes a difference.  The roasted almonds have a great flavor and the salt really complements the chocolaty goodness.

Chop the chocolate into one inch pieces.  Place in a large microwave safe bowl and microwave on 1/2 power for one minute intervals, stirring in between each minute.  As soon as it is mostly melted, just continue to stir the chocolate until it is all smooth. It is VERY easy to burn chocolate so it is important not to try and speed this process along.  If you rush it by microwaving it on high or for too long all you will end up with is a grainy mass of ruined chocolate, quite an expensive waste.

In a large bowl place the marshmallows and nuts.  Pour the chocolate over and fold gently until all of the nuts and marshmallows are evenly coated.  Then pour into a parchment lined sheet cake pan.  Spread evenly.  Let set.  Cut into 1’’ pieces and enjoy!

This makes a large batch.  I had enough to send to my Dad, send to my nephew, and give away to some of my kids’ teachers.  Plus we all wanted to sample some too!


Oh, yummy!  Your recipients this year were lucky!
I have plain almonds — could I toast and salt them myself?
I guess I’m lucky, I don’t have to look further than the German market in my backyard to find good chocolate.  (That’s another perk of visiting Germany, by the way.)
My in-laws are all obsessed with Trader Joes.  We had one in my city in Maryland.  I’ll bet it will be a LONG time before we see one in your area though.  🙂  I know there was a whole foods store there that went out of business.
Monday, December 28, 2009 – 03:41 AM